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How to Celebrate the Earliest of Memories

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Everybody has memories and everybody has their earliest memories. The first moments in our life that we can confidently remember. The memories which came before everything else when we look back into our minds. In my case, they were when I was at the age of around four years. Others would perhaps have their first memories at a younger or older age.

My earliest memory is in fact a dream/nightmare. A pair of alive Freddo Frogs were chasing me in the front yard of a haunted house. I tried to escape and reached the front door but it for some reason couldn’t open. The Frogs eventually caught up and got me. My second earliest memory is not as exciting in comparison. I was in the living room of my old home looking up and smiling at my parents. 🙂

Beyond these earliest memories is a group of early memories that we are attached to in a positive way. They came just after the very first group but are more meaningful. We not only remember these moments but remember that they made us happy. The memories we are most nostalgic about. They can include our experience with friends and family. They can include our first encounters with art, mass media and literature.

Among the people of my generation, young children television series would feature prominently in their early happy memories. And the children’s show that captivated me the most was Pingu.

I loved other children’s shows too. I vividly remember the awesomeness of Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the educational value of Sesame Street, Bananas in Pyjamas  and Play School. But none of them matched the charm of Pingu. The lack of a defined, verbal language meant that kids across the world could understand the simple yet captivating storylines. Pingu was unique and universal at the same time.

Celebrate with Music

As we age, it is important in my opinion to celebrate our early happy memories. Everybody celebrates their past in different ways. I have celebrated my fondness of Pingu by adapting one of its theme songs to a beatbox inspired remixed that I personally created. I perform the adaptation in the YouTube video below. Enjoy! 😀

What about your memories?

Lastly, I am curious to know what are early happy memories in your life and just as importantly, how you relive those moments. Do you tell them to others in the form of stories? Do you draw your memories or sing a song similar to what I’ve done? Or do you reflect on them in your mind when you have the time?

We are all different people and therefore remember in different ways. Whichever way you take a walk down memory lane, it is always beautiful.

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The Motivational Poem For All Times

You always hear and read beautiful one-liners. There are so many great quotes said by famous and anonymous people out there. People spend a lot of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Pinterest sending and reading these pearls of wisdom. The quotes make you smile, make you see the world in a new way and motivate you.
Eventually though, you will forget most of these quotes. When you first hear them, you think “Wow. This is gold. This is powerful. I’ll remember this.” Soon you struggle to remember it as you get distracted by everything else in your busy life. You can’t remember the quote when you need to remember it.

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Good Morning and Welcome!

Good morning readers and welcome to this blog! My name is Girik . I intend to use this blog to entertain you, help you learn and help myself learn about the world we live in.

I have many interests and won’t want to go into all of them now. As the blog continues, the things that I’m passionate about will come out one by one. I’ll let you know that one of my interests is dance. You can find out about the others at a later time. 🙂

I have also created a YouTube channel at – the blog and YouTube channel will complement each other in different ways. Let’s see how it all unfolds!

Thanks for reading. 😎

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